The Esplanade

The Esplanade is the centre for Performing Arts in Singapore. It is located near the mouth of Singapore River, along the Marina Bay. The Esplanade has a unique design, with appearance similar to durian ( a tropical friut ), and also similar to the eyes of a fly. The durian-like shape is made of glass cases over the theatres.



The theatre is the largest in singapore (39 x23 m). Able to hold up to 2000 audiences. it's shape is an adaptation of the traditional horseshoe shape of European theatres. Despite its size, the viewing distance between the furthest seat and the stage is just 40m, ensuring a good view of the performances.

Concert Hall

TThe concert hall has a state-of-the-art acoustics. Above the orchestral platform, there ia a moveable acoustic canopy, which serves to reflect sound to suit performances and enable the musicians to hear themselves on stage.The hall also has a reverberation chamber, which is an open void three-level large, used to vary the acoustics of the hall. The concert hall can hold up to 1600 people over 4 levels, and up to 120 musicians on the stage.

Recital Studio

The Recital studio is a relatively smaller room compared to the theatre and the concert hall. its fan shape can contain up to 250 people, hence perfect to small-scale performances or rehearsals.

Theatre Studio

The theatre studio is a small setting for experinmental theatre and dance presentations. it is equipped with adaptable staging, lighting and sound systems.the studio is able to contain up to 220 people.

Rehearsal Studio

The rehearsal studio is a venue designed for pre-performance warm up sessions and dance rehearsals. it is similar in size to the srage in the Theatre.


The Jendela ("window") is a 216 sq m exhibition space in Esplanade. This gallery has a unique curved shape, which features the ciew of Marina Bay. The Jendela has showcased local, regional and international artworks.